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Pie-dish Beetle - Pterohelaeus sp. (P. walkeri,  P. cornutus or P. piceus)


This page contains information and pictures about Pie-dish Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
DSCN3166.jpg (145545 bytes) DSCN3170.jpg (119781 bytes)
This beetle was found walking on ground in our front yard during the day on March 2008. We took it inside our house and took some photos. We kept it for a day and let it back to our front yard. 
DSCN3174.jpg (141779 bytes) DSCN3175.jpg (169009 bytes) DSCN3176.jpg (155339 bytes)
We found this beetle a few time on ground in different gardens and parks around Brisbane. There were all found wandering on ground. We found that it is the Pterohelaeus sp.,  could be the P. walkeri,  P. cornutus or P. piceus, most likely the P. walkeri.

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