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Family Meloidae - Blister Beetle

This page contains information and pictures about Blister Beetles in family Meloidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Beetles in this small family are usually bicoloured with bright colours. They are from small to medium in size. Their head is strongly constricted behind eyes to form narrow neck. The thorax is usually narrow as well. They have long snout for flower-visiting, typical of pollen feeders. 
Their eggs are lay on flowers and larvae are parasitoids of bees

Orange Blister Beetle - Zonitis sp. 

This page contains information and pictures about Orange Blister Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 16mm 

The beetle is bright orange colour with black patch patterns. Its thorax and head are orange with narrow neck. 
PWC_9775.jpg (127811 bytes) PWC_9779.jpg (100825 bytes) PWC_9784.jpg (116392 bytes)

We found this beetle two times in different area on Jan 2009, the first time in Ford Road Conservation Area and the second time in Daisy Hills near Buhot Creek. Both were found when the beetle was on the top of a small Lantana plant. The beetle did not fly or run away. It just slowly walk to the bottom side of the leaf to hide.
PWC_9786.jpg (118290 bytes) PC9_0171.jpg (104247 bytes) PC9_0166.jpg (129478 bytes)

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