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Brown Darkling Beetle - Ecnolagria grandis


This page contains information and pictures about Brown Darkling Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
body length 20mm 
The beetle also known as Honeybrown Beetle. The beetles were golden brown in colour, with very short hairs al over the body.  
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We found a lot of those beetles hiding in a tree at Mt Nebo Outlook during mid summer. 
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Near the tree there was a dry fallen tree. Those beetles were hiding among the dry leaves. Then we noticed that those beetles were found on the grasses near by as well.
wpe1.jpg (23047 bytes)
In the small area at Mt Nebo Outlook, we saw a few hundreds of them hiding. They just rested with motionless, not feeding nor doing anything. Only moved a bit when we disturbed.

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We also found the in Mt Coot tha on march 2008.

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