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Darth Vader Beetle - Hemicyclus reaumuri


This page contains information and pictures about Darth Vader Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
We found this beetle once in Carbrook Wetland on Oct 2009. We believed the beetle was traveling to somewhere. It flied pass and landed on a medium high plant, took about a minute rested on leaves. Then it flied to another plant about ten meters away and took another minute rest. Then flied to another plane... straight ahead............ 
DSC_1082.jpg (129234 bytes) DSC_1086.jpg (136293 bytes) DSC_1089.jpg (125958 bytes)
The beetle is hemispherical in body shape and metallic black with green and purple reflections, which looks like the head of Dark Vader in Star War. We call it Dark Vader Beetle.
DSC_1107.jpg (93562 bytes) DSC_1116.jpg (141298 bytes) DSC_1117.jpg (125134 bytes)
DSC_1130.jpg (104068 bytes)

1. Classification, relationships and distribution of the genera of Cyphaleini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) - Matthews, E.G. 1992, Invertebrate Taxonomy 6, p497. 
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