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Family Mordellidae - Pintail Beetles

This page contains information and pictures about Pintail Beetles in family Mordellidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Beetles in the family Mordellidae can easily be recognised by their body shape. The last abdomen segment is prolonged and give the beetle the pintail shape. They are small to medium in size. They are usually black or dark brown in colours and some species are white spot patterned. 
Adult Pintail Beetles can be found feeding on flowers. The are known to jump pr tumble when disturbed. 
Some species larvae live in decaying trees and logs. Some are predator and some are parasites. Some others are leaf or stem miners or fungi feeders. 

White-spotted Pintail Beetle
wpe6.jpg (20645 bytes) wpe10.jpg (20584 bytes)
Hoshihananomia leucosticta, (Mordella leucosticta), body length 10mm
Photos taken in Karawatha forest during mid summer. It was not quite moving even we touch it. We have more information in this page.
Black Pintail Beetle
DSC_9450.jpg (195658 bytes) DSC_9449.jpg (204643 bytes)
Tomoxioda aterrima., body length 5mm 
We found this Black Pintail Beetle in Karawatha Forest on Dec 2010. Please check this page for more information.  

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