White-spotted Pintail Beetle
Black Pintail Beetle
Wedge-shaped Beetle
Brown Darkling Beetle
Black Darkling Beetle
Ground Darkling Beetle
Chalcopterus Beetle II
Chalcopterus Beetle III
Pie-dish Beetle
Darth Vader Beetle
White-edged Darkling Beetle
Blue Darkling Beetle
Black Comb-clawed Beetle
Dark Green Comb-clawed
Striped Comb-clawed Beetle
Blown Comb-clawed Beetle
Green Comb-clawed Beetle
Bark Comb Clawed Beetle
Grey Comb-clawed Beetle  
Lycid-mimic Pollen Beetle
Bi-colour Pollen Beetle 
Blister Beetles  


Other Beetle Families


Other Beetles that we have not identified yet

Please advise if you can identify any of them. Thank you.
Unknown Beetle 2
wpe1.jpg (27922 bytes)  
? sp., body length 3mm, most probably Cantharidae, but Melyridae or Drilidae are not to be excluded 
Photos taken in Karawatha forest during early summer.
Unknown Beetle 3
wpeE.jpg (16214 bytes) 
Unknown Beetle 4 - Lycid-mimicking Beetle
wpe8.jpg (25102 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (24915 bytes)
? sp., body length 20mm
The beetle about to fly away. We can see its hind wings which are normally folded under the forewings cover. Beetles only use their hind wings for flying. The harden forewings are used as the protection to their hind wings and abdomen. When fly, the forewings are just open and have no or very minor aero-dynamic effect. This may not be a longicorn beetle although it has long antenna.
Please advise if you can identify any of them. Thank you.
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