White-spotted Pintail Beetle
Black Pintail Beetle
Wedge-shaped Beetle
Brown Darkling Beetle
Black Darkling Beetle
Ground Darkling Beetle
Chalcopterus Beetle II
Chalcopterus Beetle III
Pie-dish Beetle
Darth Vader Beetle
White-edged Darkling Beetle
Blue Darkling Beetle
Black Comb-clawed Beetle
Dark Green Comb-clawed
Striped Comb-clawed Beetle
Blown Comb-clawed Beetle
Green Comb-clawed Beetle
Bark Comb Clawed Beetle
Grey Comb-clawed Beetle  
Lycid-mimic Pollen Beetle
Bi-colour Pollen Beetle 
Blister Beetles  


Subfamily Lagriinae - Tribe Lagriini - Long-jointed Bark Beetles

Family Tenebrionidae

This page contains information and pictures about Darkling Beetles in subfamily Lagriinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Tribe Lagriini - Long-jointed Bark Beetles

Beetles in this tribe at least have one tarsal (leg) segment thicken. The tip antennal segment is often widen. 

Brown Darkling Beetle, Honeybrown Beetle
wpe10.jpg (39160 bytes) wpeE.jpg (44610 bytes)
Ecnolagria grandis, Lagriini, body length 20mm 
We found a lot of those beetles hiding in a tree at Mt Nebo Outlook during mid summer. In the small area at Mt Nebo Outlook, we saw a few hundreds of them hiding. More pictures and information can be found in this page.
Black Darkling Beetle
wpe1.jpg (27776 bytes) wpe11.jpg (24879 bytes)
Ecnolagria aurofasciata, Lagriini, body length 15mm  
This beetle was found alone on a vine in Yugarapul Park during mid summer. It flied away after we took those pictures. Please also check this page.

Tribe Adeliini

Beetles in this group have nine striae on elytra (longitudinal lines on wing-cover).
Ground Darkling Beetle
DSC_4057.jpg (191572 bytes) DSC_4050.jpg (213951 bytes) 
Seirotrana catenulata, body length 25mm
This beetle was found wandering on ground on Mar 2010, in Ford Road Research Area. Larvae of this subfamily live in soil feed on roots of plants. Please check this page for more information.   

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