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Lycid-mimic Pollen Beetle
Bi-colour Pollen Beetle 
Blister Beetles  


Chalcopterus Beetle III - Amarygmus sp.


This page contains information and pictures about Chalcopterus Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
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Found under bark of Eucalyptus during early summer and mid summer 2006 in Karawatha Park.
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They like to hide on a smooth gum tree trunk under loose barks.
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There are many similar looking species in this Chalcopteroides genus that are commonly found on, and under bark of Eucalyptus. They are all black with an iridescent sheen. One distinct feature of this genus is its head held vertically against its body.  
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We usually found those beetles resting on smooth bark gumtree. Sometimes found them under loose barks.   
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PWC_7700.jpg (268856 bytes) PWC_7699.jpg (258730 bytes) PWC_7707.jpg (278155 bytes)

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