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Family Oedemeridae - False Blister Beetles

This page contains information and pictures about False Blister Beetles in family Oedemeridae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Pollen Beetles.
They are called False Blister Beetles because they are easily confuse with the Blister Beetles in family Meloidae, for which they are closely related. False Blister Beetles can be distinguished by their prothorax narrowed behind and the narrower head. 
Adults Oedemerids feed on pollen and can be found on flowers and leaves. They have elongated and parallel-sided slender body and usually with mouth parts expanded. The antennae are long and in filiform. They are from small to medium size.
Larvae are found in rotting tree trunk. They feed on dead wood.

Lycid-mimicking Pollen Beetle
DSC_7548.jpg (145191 bytes)  DSC_0608.jpg (145384 bytes) 
Pseudolycus sp.,  body length 15mm
This beetle look like a Lycid Beetle but it is in family Oedemeridae.  This beetle mimic the Lycid Beetle to gain some protections. Details please check our mimicry complex page. For more images and information on this beetle please check this page.
Bi-colour Pollen Beetle
P1030438.jpg (99321 bytes)  P1030439.jpg (228313 bytes)
Agasma sp. body length 12mm
We found this little beetle in Lamington National Park on Dec 2010. Please check this page for more information.

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