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Wedge-shaped Beetle - Pelectomoides sp. 

Family Rhipiphoridae

This page contains information and pictures about Wedge-shaped Beetles in family Rhipiphoridae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Most beetles in this family have long and narrow body in wedge shape but do not have prolonged abdominal apex as as Mordellidae. They are yellow, brown to black in colours. Male has the flabellate antenna while female has the serrate antenna. The head and thorax are strongly deflexed. 
Their larvae are parasitic on other insects, including cockroaches, wood-boring beetles and wasps.

Wedge-shaped Beetle

wpe1.jpg (22562 bytes) wpe27.jpg (21014 bytes) wpe5.jpg (22780 bytes)
Pelectomoides sp., male, body length 15mm
On the top of the Rocks Circuit in Karawatha Forest, we found a Wedge-shaped Beetle. It was a male with antennae flabellate. This is the first time (2006) we found a beetle in the Rhipiphoridae family. 
wpe29.jpg (22100 bytes)
The beetle was sitting on the top of a small Acacia tree, with its antennae fingers fully opened, seems waiting for something. We gauss it was waiting to receive the perfume signal from a female.

DSC_9149.jpg (88601 bytes) DSC_9155.jpg (103288 bytes) DSC_9156.jpg (111274 bytes)
We found this beetle again on Oct 2007 in Karawatha Forest Dentata Track. It was also resting on leaf, wide open its antenna seem waiting for something.

DSC_7788.jpg (294966 bytes) DSC_7786.jpg (297995 bytes) DSC_7785.jpg (283510 bytes)
Also found this beetle in Anstead Forest on Mar 2011. 

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