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Whitish Meadow Katydid - Conocephalus (Chloroxiphidion) albescens


This page contains pictures and information about the Whitish Meadow Katydids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  

Female, short-winged form, body length 20mm
Whitish Meadow Katydid is pale brown in colour. 
DSCN1462.JPG (65540 bytes) DSCN1464.JPG (86165 bytes) DSCN1465.JPG (59222 bytes)
This katydid species adult may have fully developed wings or un-developed wings. 
DSC_5250.jpg (221816 bytes) DSC_5251.jpg (243035 bytes)
We found this katydid near Bulimba Creek, the Mt Gravatt section. It was May 2007.

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