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Brown-backed Bush Katydid - Ducetia japonica


This page contains pictures and information about Small Gum Tree Katydids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 35mm. 
This Small Bush Katydid was found on trees in Eucalypt forest. It is medium in size and has relatively long hind legs. It is grass-green with top edge brown in colours.  
DSC_3431.jpg (103037 bytes) DSC_3428.jpg (81756 bytes) DSC_3430.jpg (97326 bytes)
The adult was found in Mt Coot-tha late summer Feb 2008.
PWC_9522.jpg (122027 bytes) PWC_9515.jpg (121335 bytes)
PWC_9525.jpg (110288 bytes)  
Found once on Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea latifolia) in the bushland near Tingalpa Reservoir on Jan 2009. They are hard to be noticed among thin grasses.   
DSC_0411.jpg (217460 bytes) DSC_0414.jpg (210936 bytes) DSC_0412.jpg (232880 bytes)
Also found this Bush Katydid on a gum tree on Jan 2011 on Daisy Hills.

We found this green katydid nymph on a small tree top during winter in Toohey Forest on Aug 2003. It was moving slowing to escape from our disturb. 
wpeE.jpg (24447 bytes) wpe7.jpg (23936 bytes) SCN_0007y.jpg (190222 bytes)
Nymph length 20mm. 
The nymph was leaf-green in colour and did not have any marking or pattern on its body. Its wing buds were well development showing it could be the last instars, but relatively small in side. We will collect and raise one if we can find them again so that we will know how their adult look like. 
SCN_0007z.jpg (192620 bytes) 

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