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Three-eyed Leaf-rolling Cricket - Xiphogryllacris orthoxipha


This page contains pictures and information about Three-eyed Leaf-rolling Crickets that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Nymph, body length 20mm 
This Leaf Rolling Cricket has the very large median ocellus which is as large as its compound eyes. So we call it Three-eyed Leaf Rolling Cricket. Unlike the other species we listed, there is no any dark markings on its face.
PWC_6975.jpg (153024 bytes) PWC_6977.jpg (126483 bytes) PWC_6978.jpg (107236 bytes)
Oct 2008 in Daisy Hill we found this nymph hiding between leaves. The retreat was build with two leaves attached by silky materials. From the size of its developing wings, without sword-like ovipositor, we believed it is a male last instars. 
P1000244a.jpg (200474 bytes) PWC_6982.jpg (168350 bytes)
It does not have the dark face patterns, instead, its face pattern is three white dots. 

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