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Striped Raspy Cricket
Spider Face Leaf-rolling Cricket
Three Eyed Leaf-rolling Cricket
Pale-brown Leaf-rolling Cricket 
Greenish Meadow Katydid
Whitish Meadow katydid 
Blackish Meadow Katydid
Reddish Meadow Katydid 
Spine-headed Katydid 
Predatory Katydid
Short-winged Swayer 
Snub-nose Katydid 
Brown-backed Katydid
White-backed Nymph
Naskrecki's Bush Katydid 
32-Spotted Katydid
Speckled Katydid
Common Garden Katydid 
Common Garden Katydid
Brisbane Garden Katydid
Dark Green Katydid 
Unknown Nymph- I
Unknown Nymph- II 
Small Grassland Katydid
Gum Leaf Katydid  
Mountain Katydid
Unidentified Katydids
Slow-chirping Cricket
Silent Leaf-runner
Spider Cricket
Ground Cricket 1
Ground Cricket 2 
Silent Bush Cricket
Scaled Cricket 
Common Mole Cricket
Dark Night Mole Cricket 

Unidentified Cricket


Questions foe Discussion

Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids - Order Orthoptera

Grasshopper is one of the common insects that we easily find in bush or garden. What make them so popular?

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Grasshoppers sometimes regarded as pest in our garden. Their number is large.  Different species of grasshopper are easily found. 
Grasshoppers are common because they eat most kinds of plants. Not many insect species feed on all kinds of plants. Different plants have evolved different kinds of resistance to avoid being eaten by insects, such as taste, toxic, plants structure etc. So most of the plants eating insects feed on special kind of plants only. However, grasshoppers eat most kinds of plants. They have strong chewing mouthparts. They feed on almost all kind of plants in our garden and in natural habitat. They following our corps and plants, they come to our garden and our farm. This is sure one of the major factors for their success.  
Beside, grasshoppers have some other fitness factors. They fly, although not a very good flier. They have good eye sight, although not as good as dragonfly, flies, bee or butterfly, still good enough to fly and to avoid predators. They do camouflage, although not as good as stick insect, but they have not given up the wings function, legs walking functions and good eyes sight.
Grasshopper's hind legs are their icon and this is also the major factor of their survival fitness. Their skill of jumping to escape form predators is very effective. The spiny and strange kick by their legs make some predators keep away from them.

Why does the mole cricket call for only 30 minutes and not longer time?

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Why it is always the male insects call, and the the female? 

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1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, pp 369. 

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