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White-backed Katydid Nymph - ? Ducetia sp.


This page contains pictures and information about the White Back Katydid Nymphs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  
Last instars, body length 20mm  
wpeA.jpg (25734 bytes) wpeC.jpg (46272 bytes) DSCN7559.jpg (333997 bytes)
Pictures taken during mid summer in Karawatha forest. We encountered this nymphs a few times, but does not know how its adults look like. They could be the nymphs of the Brown-backed Bush Katydid.
DSCN2588.jpg (168673 bytes) wpe17.jpg (26532 bytes) wpe20.jpg (39180 bytes)
Late summer 2004, body length 15mm
DSC_1073.jpg (243237 bytes) DSC_1072.jpg (284661 bytes) DSC_4521.jpg (271285 bytes)
wpe22.jpg (21225 bytes) DSCN0577.JPG (44875 bytes) DSC_4522.jpg (290893 bytes)
DSC_5646.jpg (279238 bytes) DSC_5648.jpg (210424 bytes) DSC_2494.jpg (284001 bytes)
Early summer in Toohey Forest , body length 15mm.
This nymph has the brown form.
DSC_0291.jpg (192082 bytes) DSC_0292.jpg (241041 bytes) DSC_0293.jpg (207367 bytes) 

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