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Unknown Bush Katydid Nymph I - ? Caedicia sp.


This page contains pictures and information about the Unknown Bush Katydid Nymphs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  
Nymph, body length 20mm
We found this nymph many times but did not known their adult forms yet. Next time if we found some last instars we may keep them to see what the adults look like, We think it could be the Brisbane Garden Katydid nymph but not exactly sure. 
DSC_0507.jpg (274066 bytes) DSC_0508.jpg (292279 bytes) 
DSC_8864.jpg (277631 bytes) DSC_8867.jpg (323509 bytes) DSC_8868.jpg (228449 bytes)
PWC_7333.jpg (272269 bytes) PWC_7335.jpg (260731 bytes) PWC_7338.jpg (249503 bytes)
DSC_8412.jpg (329017 bytes) DSCN9944.JPG (84230 bytes) DSCN9946.JPG (76420 bytes) 
Body length 20mm 
DSC_8504.jpg (271183 bytes) DSCN1553.JPG (52985 bytes) DSCN1555.JPG (55348 bytes) 
Brown form, body length 10mm  
DSCN0241.JPG (36008 bytes) DSCN0240.JPG (44831 bytes) PWC_8082.jpg (239559 bytes)
Body length 15mm, pictures taken during mid summer in Karawatha forest.
The nymphs' body can be in different colours, either green, greenish-brown or pink. It seems that that body colour adapted to their living environment.  
DSC_7823.jpg (287486 bytes) DSC_7826.jpg (216109 bytes) DSCN1381.JPG (47472 bytes) 
Green form, body length 10mm  
Why some nymphs are pink in colour? Well, if you know some plants' new shots are pink in colour. In pink is a well camouflage. 
DSCN9652.JPG (79273 bytes) DSCN9653.JPG (107933 bytes) DSC_8595.jpg (306353 bytes)
Greenish-brown form, body length 10mm 
However, the later instars were all in green colour, with brown pattern on the back.
DSCN9955.JPG (94051 bytes) DSCN9952.JPG (84189 bytes) wpe16.jpg (21143 bytes)
Ping form, body length 10mm 

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