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Unidentified Cricket


Slow-chirping Mottled Field Cricket - Lepidogryllus comparatus 


This page contains pictures and information about the Slow-chirping Mottled Field Crickets that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The Cricket's Retreat 
Female body length 25mm,                                    Nymph body length 10mm
The Slow-chirping Mottled Field Cricket is dark brown  in colour. Female has long pin-like ovipositor at the end of the abdomen. The second picture shows the nymph cricket. Nymphs look similar to the adults except they are wingless.
SCN_0003ab.jpg (412317 bytes) CriketInHole1.jpg (399871 bytes)
Male Field Cricket calling in the hole, heading outwards with antenna outside.  
  Click here to hear the mole cricket sound, 8 sec.
This Field Crickets are common in backyards in Brisbane. Although we seldom see them, we always hear them. Male cricket chirp from evening to dawn. They live under dead plant materials and also feed on them.

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