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Subfamily Conocephalinae - Meadow Katydids and Spine-headed Katydids 


This page contains pictures and information about Meadow Katydids and Spine-headed Katydids in Subfamily Conocephalinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The katydid is watching us from its back. 
The Meadow katydids and Spine-headed Katydids in Subfamily Conocephalinae are from small to medium in size with slender body. Some species adults may have short-winged and long-wings form, They are usually found on grasses and sedges. Males chorus loudly at evening or afternoon if overcast days. Their loud buzzing calls are common in grasslands.
Adults in this group are mostly flower and seed feeders but nymphs are predatory.  

Tribe Conocephalini - Meadow Katydids

Meadow Katydids are common on grasslands. They are from small to medium size. Most species adults are either long-winged or short-winged. All the Australian species are in genus Conocephalus which is divided into three subgenus. Nymphs of some species are predaceous. They feed on eggs and nymphs of bugs such as Paddy Bugs and Green Vegetable Bugs. Meadow Katydid adults often feed on grass flowers and grass seeds.   
Greenish Meadow Katydid, Upolu Meadow Katydid
DSC_5038.jpg (292938 bytes) wpe6.jpg (20226 bytes) DSC_0445.jpg (203371 bytes)
Conocephalus (Chloroxiphidion) upoluensis, adult body length 15mm-25mm, nymph 15mm
Greenish Meadow Katydids live on grasses and have very long antennae. Their body is bright green in colour with dark brown on the back. Adults have fully developed wings in dark brown colour. There are more pictures and information in this page.
Whitish Meadow Katydid
DSCN1462.JPG (65540 bytes) DSC_5250.jpg (221816 bytes)  
Conocephalus (Chloroxiphidion) albescens, body length 20mm  
This katydid species adults may have fully developed wings or un-developed wings. They are pale brown in colour. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Blackish Meadow Katydid
DSC_9188.jpg (277286 bytes) wpe6.jpg (28280 bytes)
Conocephalus (Anisoptera) semivittatus, adult body length 15mm-25mm
This Blackish Meadow Katydid is also common in Brisbane bushlands. We usually found this katydid on short grasses or vegetations near the ground level. Please check this page for more information.
Reddish Meadow Katydid
DSC_0995.jpg (274019 bytes) DSCN3947.jpg (273093 bytes)
Conocephalus (Anisoptera) bilineatus, body length 20mm
This katydid is orange-red in colour. Its wings covered half of its abdomen. It was found in Wishart bushland in a early winter evening. Please check this page for more information.
Unknown Meadow Katydid Nymph
DSC_6444.jpg (446025 bytes) DSC_6446.jpg (291347 bytes) DSC_6445.jpg (474156 bytes)
?sp., body length 20mm
Pictures were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Sep 2010. 

Tribe Agraeciini - Spine-headed Katydids

Spine-headed Katydid
SpineH1.jpg (20072 bytes) DSCN6446.jpg (247071 bytes) DSC_0531.jpg (294062 bytes) 
Nicsara spuria, nymph, female and male, body length 40mm 
On a small gum tree, we carefully opened a bundle of leaves it and  found the Spine-headed Katydid nymph hiding inside. We took the nymph home, fed it with fresh gum leaves. Few days later, it did the final moulting and became an adult. For more pictures and information please visit this page.

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