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Naskrecki's Bush Katydid - Ozphyllum naskreckii


This page contains pictures and information about Naskrecki's Bush Katydids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 25mm, male
The Naskrecki's Bush Katydid adults are small in size. They are different from other katydids that they have very soft body and round head. From reference information they are active during the night. They rest on leaves during the day and protected by their camouflage colours. They are most grass green in colour with black and whites narrow bands on head and knees. 
DSC_5513.jpg (314909 bytes) DSC_5516.jpg (307520 bytes) DSC_5514.jpg (328016 bytes)
We found two Naskrecki's Bush Katydid nymphs on Nov 2011 in Brisbane Koala Bushland near the Tingalpa Creek. The habitat there is a narrow band of wet sclerophyll forest along the creek.  
The two nymphs were resting on board leaves near the top of small plants about a meter from ground. They were slow moving, slowly walked and jumped to another leaf when disturbed. 
DSC_5536.jpg (318427 bytes) DSC_5537.jpg (304339 bytes) DSC_5538.jpg (304414 bytes)
We collected two. We believed they were in the last instars stage. One turned into an adult male the next day.  
DSC_5602.jpg (268516 bytes) DSC_5592.jpg (349950 bytes) DSC_5610.jpg (282211 bytes)
Ozphyllum is a new genus of phaneropterine Tettigoniidae which was described on 2007. There are two species in this genus. Details please check the reference information listed at the page bottom..
DSC_5611.jpg (289383 bytes) DSC_5589.jpg (293329 bytes) DSC_5588.jpg (267389 bytes)
From reference information, this katydid is highly localized and lives in small isolated groups. Their eggs are disk-like and dark brown to black in colour. They are probably laid in cracks in bark.

DSC_5432.jpg (330739 bytes) DSC_5435.jpg (344849 bytes) DSC_5433.jpg (335222 bytes)
In the same place we found another two katydid nymphs. They are the same body shape but with different colours. We thought this could be the other colour form or the female nymphs.
DSC_5553.jpg (267505 bytes) DSC_5554.jpg (311275 bytes)

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3. Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Ozphyllum, a new genus of Phaneropterine katydids with comments on its relationships and ecology (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae) - Rentz, D. C. F., Su, Y. N., Ueshima, N. 2007,  Zootaxa 1629 57-68. 

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