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Speckled Katydid - Diastella latifolia


This page contains pictures and information about Speckled Katydids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 35mm. 
The katydid looks similar to those Caedicia species, although it has the stout body and shorter wings.
PWC_9892.jpg (158400 bytes) PWC_9897.jpg (110508 bytes)
We found this species once in Ford Road Conservation Area late summer Jan 2009. The katydid was wandering on grass near the forest floor. 
PWC_9906.jpg (141631 bytes) PWC_9902.jpg (122164 bytes) DSC_4865.jpg (223446 bytes)
It was slow-moving, although it did jump and fly to a meter away when we came too closely. 
DSC_4853.jpg (299370 bytes) DSC_4858.jpg (269036 bytes) DSC_4861.jpg (255834 bytes)
We found the katydid on the same host plants a couple of times.


PWC_9766.jpg (215609 bytes) PWC_9765.jpg (183300 bytes)
Body length 15mm
Pictures were taken in Ford Road Conservation Areas on Jan 2009. We believe this is the nymph of the Speckled Katydid and they were found in the same area. 

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