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Pale-brown Leaf-rolling Cricket - ? Apotrechus sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Pale-brown Leaf-rolling Crickets that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Nymph, body length 30mm 
DSC_0706.jpg (303773 bytes) DSC_0701_BuhotCreejk.jpg (278730 bytes)
We found these Leaf-rolling Crickets a few time in Karawatha Forest. They were all hiding in their Rolled-leaf retreat during the day. The insects in those photos could be an adult male or a nymph.
DSC_5437.jpg (217666 bytes) DSC_5440.jpg (234745 bytes) DSC_5443.jpg (260834 bytes)
We open the rolled-leaf a bit to check what it was. The nymph came out because of our disturbed and we took the above photos. From the reference information, Leaf-rolling Cricket nymphs are more easy to be encountered because they are in much higher number than adults.  
DSC_5444.jpg (231702 bytes) DSC_5445.jpg (238351 bytes) DSC_5449.jpg (237563 bytes)
wpeB.jpg (49780 bytes) wpe26.jpg (24572 bytes)  
Body length 5mm
Rainforest near Caloundra, DEC 2003

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