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Double White Banded Noctuid - Donuca rubropicta

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about Double White Banded Noctuid Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 70mm, Dec 2007 Karawatha Forest
This moth is brown in colour with bright red abdomen. There are the eyespot marks on both forewings. There are two white strips across the forewings and hind wings.
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We first saw this moth in my friend's house. The moth was hiding on the ceiling of during the day.   
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There is no information about the caterpillar of this moth. 
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Nov 2007, Karawatha Forest, near the dry creek bed. 
It seems that the moth prefers to rest in the wet area of the Eucalypt forest at the base of a large tree trunk. Sometimes a few of them were found on one tree trunk.  
DSC_2147.jpg (273791 bytes) DSC_2152.jpg (276751 bytes) DSC_2154.jpg (111453 bytes)
Jen 2008, Sunnybank near Bulimba Creek. 
DSC_3649.jpg (248651 bytes) DSC_3650.jpg (178858 bytes) PWC_8191.jpg (222345 bytes)
Mar 2008,  Mt Coot-tha.
We found this moth a few times hiding on large tree trunk near the forest floor during the day. The moth did not move a bit even we came very close. It flied a few meters away when we touched it with a stick. 
DSC_0278.jpg (117067 bytes) DSC_2159.jpg (129581 bytes) PWC_8195.jpg (153004 bytes)
Not much is known about their caterpillars.
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DSC_2003.jpg (402663 bytes) DSC_2001.jpg (398086 bytes)
DSC_2092.jpg (397465 bytes) DSC_2094.jpg (397005 bytes) 

1. Moths of Australia - Ian F.B.Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p454, plate 21.15.
2. Donuca rubropicta (Butler, 1874) - Australian Caterpillars, by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2007. 

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