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Grass Semi-looper Moths - Genus Mocis

Family Noctuidae, Subfamily CATOCALINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Grass Semi-looper Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Typical  Grass Semi-Looper Caterpillar
The caterpillars in Catocalinae are usually smooth-skinned and lack of hairs. They are long and slender. Some of them have prolegs of segments 3, or 3 and 4 reduced and known as semi-looper. They move in looping action. 
Caterpillars in Genus Mocis feed on grasses (Poaceae), include sugar canes and rices. 

Sugarcane Looper Moth
wpe19.jpg (56285 bytes)
Mocis frugalis, wingspan 40mm
When we walked across the Eucalyptus forests in Brisbane, we often saw many of this moths. They hide among the grasses on the forest floor. When disturbed, they flied to a meter away, and hind again in the grasses. Their caterpillars are pale green or brown in colour, feed on various grasses and Sugarcane. Check this page for more infromation.
Triple-banded Looper Moth
DSC_9181.jpg (316977 bytes) wpe6.jpg (42007 bytes)  
Mocis trifasciata, wingspan 45mm 
The moth is is brown in colour with three darker bands across each forewing. It is quite common in Brisbane. It is usually hiding on short grasses during the day, flies to a meter away when disturbed. For more information please click on here.
Pink Line Looper Moth
wpe1B.jpg (32711 bytes) wpe19.jpg (41557 bytes) 
Mocis sp., caterpillar length 50mm, adult wingspan 45mm 
The moth is brown in colour with a pinkish-brown band across each forewing. Under the band there is a line of black dots. We found the caterpillar on summer 2004. Please check this page for more information.

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