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Black Triangle Moths - Genus Grammodes and others

Family Noctuidae, Subfamily CATOCALINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Black Triangle Moths in subfamily Catocalinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
In the subfamily Catocalinae there is a group of moths which are dark brown to black in colours with white strips on wings. Some species have the eye-spot patterns on wings. When rest, they all hold their forewings in equilateral triangle shape. Those colours and shape make them do not look like a moth. We believed those Black Triangle Moths mimicking each others and form a Mullerian mimicry complex.
Not much is known about the caterpillars in this group.  

4-triangled Noctuid
DSC_4466.jpg (146071 bytes) DSC_3305.jpg (307675 bytes)
Trigonodes hyppasia, wingspan 30mm 
This 4-triangle Noctuid moth has two dark brown triangles on each forewing. Please check this page for more information.

Genus Grammodes 

When rest on vertical surface, moths in this genus usually rest with head pointing downwards.  
Round-eyed Striped Noctuid
wpe12.jpg (29154 bytes) SCN_0037c.jpg (281834 bytes)
Grammodes ocellata, wingspan 40mm
This moth look similar as the species above except with eye spot on each forewing. Pictures taken on a suburban street in early summer. Check this page for more information.
Narrow-eyed Striped Noctuid
wpeF.jpg (29161 bytes) wpeF.jpg (22610 bytes)
Grammodes oculata, wingspan 30mm
The above pictures show the moths hiding near the floor under thick plants cover in the forest during the day. This moth look similar to the above species, with smaller body size, paler brown colour and smaller eyespots. Please visit this page for more information.
Rectangular-striped Noctuid
wpe2F.jpg (25982 bytes) 
Grammodes justa, wingspan 40mm
The moth is dark brown with two parallel white lines across forewings and hindwings. Check this page for more information.

Triangular-striped Moth
wpeF.jpg (24956 bytes) DSCN1727.jpg (238070 bytes)
Chalciope alcyona, Wingspan 40mm
This moth is dark brown in colour, with a white line on each forewing which cut the dark brown area into two triangles. Check this page for more information.  

White-striped Noctuid Moth
PWC_7723.jpg (178864 bytes)
Agamana conjungens, wingspan 25mm 
We found this Noctuid Moth the first time  in Yugarapul Park during early summer 2004. It was resting on ground. Its hind wings are orange-yellow in colour, covered under forewings. We found this moth again in Karawatha Forest on Nov 2008. Please check this page for more information.

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