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Sugarcane Looper - Mocis frugalis

Family Noctuidae, subfamily CATOCALINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Sugarcane Looper Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 40mm
This moth is pale brown in colour with diagonal brown-creamy line across wings. 
wpe19.jpg (56285 bytes) PC9_0883.jpg (196355 bytes)
When we walked across the Eucalyptus forests in Brisbane, we often saw many of these moths. They hide among the grasses on the forest floor. When disturbed, they flied to a meter away, and hind again in the grasses. 
Length 50mm
Their caterpillars are pale green or brown in colour, feed on various grasses and include Sugarcane. They move in looper fashion. They make cocoon and pupate between leaves. We found this caterpillar on grass stem, not exactly sure if this is the caterpillar of this species, anyway it looks very close.  

DSC_5347.jpg (315132 bytes) DSC_5350.jpg (298183 bytes) DSC_5556.jpg (278855 bytes)
This moth is usually found hiding among grasses near the ground. 

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2. Mocis frugalis Fabricius, 1775 - Australian Caterpillars, by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2008. 

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