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Underwings Moths - Genus Achaea and Ophiusa 

Family Noctuidae, Subfamily CATOCALINAE

This page contains pictures and information about Underwings Moths in subfamily Catocalinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Typical Underwings Moth caterpillar 
In Genus Achaea and Ophiusa, the adult moths have brightly coloured hind wings which are normally covered. 

Genus Achaea - White Underwings Moths

White Underwings Moth I
DSC_5636.jpg (274403 bytes) DSC_5639.jpg (270410 bytes) 
Achaea janata, length 60mm
As other moths in this genus Achaea, this moth have the hind wing in black and white patterns. There are three white spots along the margin and a inner white line across hind wings. Please check this page for more information.
White Underwings MothII
wpe21.jpg (29000 bytes) DSCN1705.jpg (252949 bytes)
Achaea eusciasta, caterpillar length 70mm, adult wingspan 70mm
The caterpillar was found resting along a stem, where the caterpillar camouflaged as part of the stem. When we came closer to take photos, it dropped onto the ground. We found it hiding among the plant materials and brought it home. We took along with some leaves which it was feeding on. More information please click here.
White Underwings Moth III
DSC_4806.jpg (110565 bytes) PC9_1473.jpg (192516 bytes) 
Achaea sp, length 60mm
We found this caterpillars on May 2008, near Buhot Creek, Stringybark Trail. There were quite a number of caterpillars actively feeding the host plants during the day. We successfully raised a moth from caterpillar. Please also check this page for more information.

Genus Ophiusa - Yellow Underwings

Guava Moth
wpe13.jpg (29085 bytes) DSCN1440.jpg (314567 bytes)
Ophiusa disjungens, caterpillar length 60mm, adult wingspan 50mm
The Guava Moth is brown to purple in colour, with a black kidney-shaped spot near the centre of each forewing. When it opens the wings, we can see the bright yellow hind wings. Each hind wing has a large black spots near the wing tip. The caterpillars feed on Gum tree and Guava leaves, consider as pest on Guava. More pictures and information can be found in this page
Parcemacula Moth
DSC_4750.jpg (340299 bytes) DSC_1894.jpg (250451 bytes)
Ophiusa parcemacula wingspan 60mm
The moth is pale brown in colour with a dark brown comma mark on middle of forewings and another similar marking near tip of wings. Please also check this page for more information.

Unknown Underwings Moth Caterpillar I
DSC_3844.jpg (269028 bytes) DSC_3845.jpg (225993 bytes)
? Ophiusa sp., length 50mm
Found this caterpillar near Bulimba Creek on Mar 2008. 
Unknown Underwings Moth Caterpillar 2
DSC_3272.jpg (272006 bytes) DSC_3273.jpg (188784 bytes)
? sp., length 50mm
Found this caterpillar in Mt Coot-tha on Mar 2008.
Unknown Underwings Moth Caterpillar 3
DSC_1909.jpg (270881 bytes) DSC_1910.jpg (276156 bytes)
? Achaea sp., length 50mm
Found this caterpillar in Ford Road Conservation Area on Mar 2011.

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