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Erebus Moth - Erebus terminitincta

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about Erebus Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 100mm
This is one of the largest moth we had even seen. The moth is dark brown in colour. It has two large eyespots on its front wings. 
wpe1.jpg (40862 bytes) wpeA.jpg (44742 bytes) wpeC.jpg (51227 bytes)
We saw this moth once during late summer in Yugarapul Park, while we were looking for dragonflies on Bulimba Creek. The moth was hiding at the overhanging bank of the creek. 
wpeE.jpg (32739 bytes) 
The moth did not move a bit when we came very close. It flied and hided on another spot a few meter away when we touched it. It flied slowly with fluttering pattern.

DSC_5279.jpg (294364 bytes) DSC_5288.jpg (176138 bytes) DSC_5301.jpg (321428 bytes)
We found this moth again on Apr 2010 in Karawatha Forest. It was near a dry creek bed near Echidna Trail. It was disturbed while we walked along the creek. It flied to a few meters away and hided near the base of a large tree trunk. It flied and hided under a dense plants cover after we took a few photos.   
DSC_5303.jpg (244072 bytes) DSC_5295.jpg (281528 bytes) DSC_5296.jpg (223171 bytes)
Caterpillars are orange-brown to brown in colours. They feed on Lawyer Vine ( Smilax australis SMILACACEAE ). We did not found any caterpillar yet.

DSC_0462.jpg (406278 bytes) DSC_0463.jpg (414114 bytes) DSC_0483.jpg (468756 bytes)
DSC_0465.jpg (380145 bytes) DSC_0475.jpg (376973 bytes) DSC_0478.jpg (443104 bytes)
DSC_0479.jpg (450202 bytes) 

1. Moths of Australia - Ian F.B.Common, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p455, fig45.9.
2. Erebus terminitincta (Gaede, 1938) - Australian Caterpillars, by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2011. 

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