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4-Triangled Noctuid - Trigonodes hyppasia

Family Noctuidae

This page contains pictures and information about 4-Triangled Noctuid Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 30mm
We found this moth on Apr 2008 in Mt Tamborine while we were looking for the Mountain Katydid. It has two dark brown triangles on each forewing. This moth usually found resting on ground hiding among grasses.
DSC_4465.jpg (285689 bytes) DSC_4466.jpg (146071 bytes)

DSC_3293.jpg (285925 bytes) DSC_3295.jpg (346382 bytes) DSC_3305.jpg (301936 bytes)
Found the moth second time in Plunkett Conservation Park. It was a rainy day on May 2011. The moth was quite confident on its camouflage colours. It did not move a bit even we came very close.
DSC_3292.jpg (329965 bytes) DSC_3300.jpg (358091 bytes) DSC_3305.jpg (307675 bytes)

Lovers Twine
DSC_3797.jpg (240130 bytes) DSC_3799.jpg (264275 bytes)
Glycine clandestina 
The caterpillar is green in colour. They feed on Febaceae include Glycine clandestina. 

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3. Glycine clandestina - Greening Australia.

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