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Owl Moths - Genus Donuca and others

Family Noctuidae, Subfamily CATOCALINAE

This page contains pictures and information about White Banded Moths - Genus Donuca that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Eye spot pattern on wing 
In this page we put those moths in subfamily CATOCALINAE with large eyespots pattern on wings. This includes the genus Donuca and some others.
The moths in this genus Donuca are large in size. They have the common name White Band Moth. As their common name implied, most of them have the white band across wings. They also have a large eye spot on each forewing. The bright orange coloured abdomen is covered by wings when rest, only be seen during flight. 
We noticed that these White Banded Moths like to rest on large trunk about half a meter about ground during the day, usually where are not far away from the creek. When disturbed, they suddenly open their wings, show the bright colour abdomen and quickly fly away.  
Not much is known about their caterpillars.

Granny's Cloak Moth
17112007048_0.jpg (173198 bytes) P1020810.jpg (193128 bytes)
Speiredonia spectans, wingspan 70mm
This moth sometimes found hiding inside building at a dark corner during the day. They rest with their wings outspread and stay close to the surface. There are two sets of eye patterns on wings. The patterns of hind wing is continuous with that of the fore wing. Please check this page for more information.

Genus Donuca - White Banded Moths

Zigzag White Banded Noctuid
DSC_1821.jpg (202770 bytes) DSC_1822.jpg (362608 bytes)
Donuca lanipes, wingspan 60mm
Jan 2008, we saw this large spectacular moth in Karawatha Forest She-Oak area. It was resting near the base of a large but dead tree trunk. We only found this moth once. Please check this page for more information.
Tooth White Banded Noctuid
wpeF.jpg (38616 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (34602 bytes) DSC_2554.jpg (145785 bytes) 
Donuca orbigera, wingspan 50mm
This White Banded Noctuid Moths are quite common in the Alexandra Hill Bushland and Karawatha Forest during late summer. In day time they hide among grasses or on tree trunk near the ground. When disturbed, they quickly fly away to another spot few meters away. They have the eye-spots and teeth pattern on the upper side of their wings, resemble a big mouth predator. More pictures and information please visit this page.
Double White Banded Noctuid
DSC_2003.jpg (402663 bytes) PWC_8195.jpg (153004 bytes) DSC_2105.jpg (379781 bytes) 
Donuca rubropicta, wingspan 70mm
This moth is brown in colour with bright red abdomen. There are the eye marks on both forewings. There are two white strips across the forewings and hind wings. We found a few times this moth hiding on a tree trunk near the floor during the day. More information and pictures please click on here.
Brown White Banded Noctuid
DSC_1502.jpg (111442 bytes) DSC_1495.jpg (373725 bytes) PWC_9828.jpg (262542 bytes)
Donuca castalia, wingspan 45mm 
This moth is dark brown in colour. Although it does not have the white band, it is in Donuca genus and we still call it White Banded Moth. There are the eyespot marks on both forewings. Please check this page for more pictures and information. 

Erebus Moth
wpeE.jpg (32739 bytes) DSC_0465.jpg (380145 bytes) DSC_5301.jpg (321428 bytes)
Erebus terminitincta, wingspan 100mm
This is one of the largest moth we had even seen. We saw this moth once during late summer in Yugarapul Park, while we were looking for dragonflies on Bulimba Creek. The moth was hiding at the overhanging bank of the creek. The moth  flied with a slow and fluttering pattern. Click here for more information and pictures.

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