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Wasp-like Longicorn Beetle - Hesthesis variegata or Hesthesis bizonata


This page contains information and pictures about Wasp-like Longicorn Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm
This Longicorn Beetle mimics a wasp (Eumeninae ) to gain protection. Besides its colours and body shape, the beetle moves like a wasp too. 
DSCN5112.jpg (301489 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (30729 bytes) DSCN5111.jpg (297642 bytes)
To mimic a wasp, the beetle evolutes the very short elytra (wing cover). There are the orange-yellow bands on its abdomen. On its 1st and 2nd abdomen segment there are the yellow edges to make it has the narrow-waisted look. 
wpe21.jpg (30348 bytes) wpe23.jpg (34628 bytes) DSCN5107.jpg (221889 bytes)
When we came close to the beetle, the beetle put up different wasp-like postures and movement. After a few try and failed to scare us, the beetle flied away. 
DSCN5110.jpg (237060 bytes)
We took those pictures on Oct 2004 in Yugarapul Park.  
wpe11.jpg (36190 bytes)
On Dec 2005 we found the an insect resting on a She-oak tree Casuarinaceae. We though it may be a Wasp-like Longicorn Beetle but still afraid that it could be a real wasp. We came close very carefully then confirmed it was a wasp-mimicking beetle. We took only one photo before it flied away.
DSCN0281.jpg (216824 bytes)  wpe13.jpg (19585 bytes) wpe15.jpg (15409 bytes)
Once learnt how to recognize this beetle, we found they are quite common in Brisbane. This set of photos were taken in Karawatha Forest Oct 2006.
The beetle can be found feeding on flowers. Larvae related with Eucalyptus and Leptospermum
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