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Small Acacia Longicorn Beetle - Ancita varicornis


This page contains information and pictures about Small Acacia Longicorn Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm 
This is a small Longicorn Beetle. It is black in colour with white doted-lines pattern. The femur of all its legs are covered with dense white hairs. There are hairs on its long antenna too. 
wpe6.jpg (21525 bytes) SCN_0045b.jpg (203318 bytes)
We first found them near Bulimba Creek in Wishart during early summer Dec 2002. There were a number of them on a Acacia tree.
DSC_2603.jpg (169972 bytes) DSC_2606.jpg (166823 bytes) DSC_2608.jpg (112271 bytes)
We also found this small Longicorn Beetle during late summer Feb 2008 in Karawatha Forest on small Acacia trees. The beetle was very slow moving, did not want to move even we touch it.
DSC_2609.jpg (143310 bytes) DSC_2613.jpg (121887 bytes) DSC_2620.jpg (94771 bytes) 
We found a few of them near by amount the small Acacia trees.
DSC_4165.jpg (113839 bytes) DSC_4166.jpg (119270 bytes) DSC_4924.jpg (124918 bytes)
The long antenna of this beetle are a bit hairy. 
DSC_4934.jpg (152377 bytes)
Larvae feed primarily in Acacia
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