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Tribe Niphonini - Longicorn Beetles


This page contains pictures and information about Longicorn Beetles in tribe Niphonini that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Longicorn Beetles in this tribe are usually large in size. Larvae feed and live in wood of native trees include Leptospermum and Acacia.
She-Oak Longicorn
wpe1.jpg (39791 bytes) wpe2D.jpg (38844 bytes)
? Symphyletes sp., body length 30mm 
We saw this longicorn once on a large She-Oak tree in Karawatha Forest during early summer. We cannot ID this beetle. More pictures of this beetle can be found in this page.
Tea-tree Longicorn Beetle
DSC_8747_Platyomopsis_obliqua.jpg (82380 bytes) DSC_8759.jpg (142772 bytes)
Platyomopsis obliqua, body length 25mm
We found this beetle on a large Tea-tree (Leptospermum polygalifolium) in Karawatha Forest on early summer Oct 2007. The beetle was very slow moving. Please click on here for more information.  
Dark Brown Longicorn Beetle
DSC_4417.jpg (320804 bytes) wpe21.jpg (31034 bytes)
? Platyomopsis sp., body length 20mm
This black Longicorn  Beetle was found near Wishart Outlook feeding on Red Bottle Bush. Quite a number of them found on the same tree. They were slow in motion and concentrating on feeding. They are dark brown in colour with yellowish-white dots on their thorax and both sides of their forewings. Please also visit this page for more information on this beetle.
Green Longicorn Beetle
DSC_4387.jpg (109756 bytes) DSC_4390.jpg (141611 bytes) 
Platyomopsis nigrovirens (Rhytiphora nigrovirens), body length 20mm 
We found this beetle once in Daisy Hill near Buhot Creek on Apr 2008. It was found on Wild Passionfruit Vine Passiflora sp.. More pictures and information can be found in this page.
Acacia Longicorn Beetle I
DSCN0806.jpg (229968 bytes) wpe3.jpg (24068 bytes)
Penthea solida , body length female 30mm, male 20mm
In mid summer, on those young Acacia trees in Mt Cotton, we found a few of those Longicorn Beetles. Some of them are actively moving around. When disturbed, some dropped onto the ground and played dead, some slowly flied away. More information and pictures please visit this page.
Acacia Longicorn Beetle II
DSC_6857.jpg (214098 bytes) DSC_6860.jpg (261412 bytes)
Penthea pardalis, body length female 30mm
As most other longicorn beetles, this Acacia Longicorn Beetle is very slow moving. When disturbed, the beetle plays dead. Please check this page for more information. 

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