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Eucalypt Longicorn
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Double-coned Longicorn 
Small Longicorn Beetle
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Tribe Monochamini - Longicorn Beetles


This page contains pictures and information about Longicorn Beetles in Tribe Monochamini that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Larvae in this tribe feed on different trees and most of them preferred Ficus trees. 

Fig Longicorn Beetle
wpe15.jpg (25407 bytes) wpe10.jpg (27607 bytes)
Acalolepta vastator (Dihammus vastator), body length 35mm 
The first picture was taken near our windows on OCT 2000. It was attracted to our window by the window light. We sometimes found them when bush walking. They are quite common in Brisbane. Their antenna are 1.5 time of its body length. The beetle is grayish brown in colour. There this the sharp points on its shoulder part of its forewings. There are another two sharp points on it thorax. More information please click here.
Sheep Longicorn Beetle
wpe9.jpg (45916 bytes) wpeB.jpg (20496 bytes)
Monohammus frenchi or Dihammus ovinus , body length 35mm 
We found this beetle on the wall outside our house early summer. Please also check this page for more information.

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