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Decora Longicorn Beetle - Amphirhoe decora


This page contains pictures and information about Decora Longicorn Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
This Longicorn Beetle has all femurs thickened. Its antennae are three times of its body length. It is brown to dark brown in colour with thickened femurs. There is a white line on each wings cover. 
wpe2E.jpg (27252 bytes) wpe3.jpg (25826 bytes) wpe1.jpg (19009 bytes) 
We saw it the first time when it was resting on a Acacia leaf. It flied away after we took the above photo. It was early summer Nov 2004 in Alexandra Hill.
wpe1.jpg (65777 bytes) wpe7.jpg (38083 bytes) DSCN7842.jpg (287716 bytes)
Later in mid-summer, we also saw the beetle again rested on gum leaf and then on Wild Tobacco leaf (Solanum mauritianum) in Wishart bushland.
PWC_7792.jpg (358625 bytes) DSCN6320.jpg (342501 bytes)
This longicorn beetle is fairy common in Brisbane bushlands. From reference information their larvae associate with Acacia.

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