Longicorn Beetles
Common Eucalypt Longicorn
Eucalypt Longicorn
Wasp-like Longicorn I
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Wasp-like Longicorn III 
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Large Brown Longicorn
One-banded Longicorn
Decora Longicorn
Flower Longicorn
Ant-mimicking Longicorn
Bamboo Tiger Longicorn
Lycid-mimicking Beetle
Fig Longicorn
Sheep Longicorn
Black Small Acacia Longicorn
Motley Small Acacia Longicorn
She-Oak Longicorn
Tea-tree Longicorn
Dark Brown Longicorn
Green Longicorn Beetle
Acacia Longicorn I
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Double-coned Longicorn 
Small Longicorn Beetle
Fern Longicorn Beetle
Unidentified Longicorn


Flat-Faced Longicorn Beetles - Subfamily Lamiinae


This page contains pictures and information about Longicorn Beetles of subfamily Lamiinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Longicorn Beetles in subfamily Lamiinae can be distinguished by the head hypognathous (with jaws down). Most of them have stout body. Many Lamiinae species related with Acacia.

Tribe Monochamini - Fig Longicorns

Larvae in this tribe feed on different trees and most of them preferred Ficus trees. 
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Tribe Ancitini - Small Acacia Longicorns

Longicorn Beetles in this tribe are small in size. Larvae feed primarily in Acacia
DSC_3199.jpg (96980 bytes) DSC_4166.jpg (119270 bytes)

Tribe Niphonini

Longicorn Beetles in this tribe are usually large in size. Larvae feed and live in wood of native trees include Leptospermum and Acacia.
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Small Longicorn
wpe27.jpg (21688 bytes) wpe29.jpg (17209 bytes)
Pentacosmia sp., tribe Acanthocinini , body length 10mm
This is the smallest longicorn that we even found. This small longicorn is only 10mm body length. It was sitting on the top of a dry plant, its antenna was up, seems waiting for something. Please check this page for more information.

Double-coned Longicorn Beetle
wpe1C.jpg (43904 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (45362 bytes)
Zygocera plumifera, tribe Zygocerini, body length 20mm
This Longicorn  Beetle was  found near Wishart Outlook. It had two cones at the base of each forewing, or elytra. It was dark brown in colour with yellowish-white dots on their thorax and both side of their forewings. When it walked on the tree trunk with lichen, it was well camouflaged. Please check this page for more information.
Fern Longicorn Beetle 
DSCN5219.jpg (289330 bytes) wpe26.jpg (25141 bytes) 
Sybra sp., tribe Ptericoptini, body length 15mm
Pictures taken early summer in Yugarapul Park, Brisbane. Please check this page for more information.

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