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Fig Longicorn Beetle - Acalolepta vastator (Dihammus vastator)


This page contains information and pictures about Fig Longicorn Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 35mm 

The beetle is grayish brown in colour. There are the sharp points on the front part of forewings. There are another two sharp points on it thorax. Its antenna are 1.5 time of its body length. 

The Fig Longicorn Beetles have an annual life cycle. Adults can be seen between October and March. Larvae live inside tree trunks, including grapevines.

wpe15.jpg (25407 bytes) SCN_0045d.jpg (327358 bytes)  
The first picture was taken in front of our window on 20 OCT 00. The beetle was attracted to our window by the window light.
SCN_0045c.jpg (244560 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (26035 bytes) SCN_0045a.jpg (205608 bytes)
Then we sometimes find them during our bush walking. They are quite common in Brisbane. Notice its typical Longicorn Beetle's face, with chewing mouth parts and compound eyes notched at the base of antennae. The front view just look like a cow. Longicorn Beetles are called "Sky Cow" in Chinese.

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