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Lantern flies and Black Planthoppers- Family Fulgoridae

Order Hemiptera 

This page contains pictures and information about Lantern Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
There was the erroneous report that some species of Fulgoridae produce light when they mate, and hence their common name Lantern Flies. However this information is not correct.
The Australian species in this family are medium in size and usually brightly coloured abdomen covered by dark colours wings. They feed through bark on trees and woody shrubs. They lay eggs with wax-covered. 
Like other hoppers, they jump when disturbed. 

Subfamily Aphaeninae, tribe Aphaenini

Green and Black Planthopper
DSC_3646.jpg (267954 bytes) DSC_3653.jpg (238575 bytes)
Desudaba psittacus, body length 20mm
This Planthopper has the black head and black wings cover without any dots. Its abdomen is bright green in colour. We found the insect on a Citrus tree in early summer. When disturbed, it hided to the other side of the tree trunk. Check this page for more information.
Green and Mottled Planthoppers
DSC_0022.jpg (242346 bytes) PWC_7263.jpg (117001 bytes)
Desudaba aulica, body length 20mm
This hopper is similar to the Green and Black Planthopper  above but with slightly different body colour and with patterns on wings. We believed they are different species. Please visit this page for more infromation. 

Subfamily Amyclinae

Brown Lantern Fly
wpe1A.jpg (57739 bytes) DSC_9798.jpg (292548 bytes)
Eurinopsyche obscurata, body length 30mm 
This insect has the prolongation on the head. It is brown in colour with camouflaged bark patterns. The insect found usually on gum tree trunk. Please also check this page for updated information.

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2. Family Fulgoridae - Fulgorid planthoppers - Fletcher, M.J. (2009 and updates). Identification keys and checklists for the leafhoppers, planthoppers and their relatives occurring in Australia and neighbouring areas (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha). 

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