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Royal Tigertail Dragonfly - Parasynthemis regina


This page contains information and pictures about Royal Tigertail Dragonflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Male, body length 55mm
The dragonfly is black in colour with yellow patterns, the typical Tigertail colours. It has the board central yellow stripe on the front of thorax and board yellow band on 7th abdominal segment. 
DSC_2043.jpg (79198 bytes) DSC_2072.jpg (48499 bytes)
We found this dragonfly in Karawatha Forest around Jan and Feb 2008. There are the small ponds area known as Frog Hollow. Those ponds were dry or almost dry in the last four years. It was full in 2008, first time within five years. We just had large amount of rain during Jan and Feb 2008 in Brisbane, although we were still in level 5 water restriction.
DSC_2288.jpg (110879 bytes) DSC_2282.jpg (86866 bytes) DSC_2280.jpg (109487 bytes)
We had been there many times for the last few years, but never saw this dragonfly. This was the first time we saw them there. They are locally common there in Jan and Feb 2008. We found many of them on Jan 2009 in Daisy Hill Buhot Creek too.
DSC_2293.jpg (89927 bytes)
Under full sun light, the dragonfly fly in fast to medium speed above water, hovering above water from time to time, resting on grass occasionally. 

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Last updated: January 22, 2009.