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Red Arrow - Rhodothemis lieftincki


This page contains information and pictures about Red Arrow Dragonflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Male, body length 40mm
This red dragonfly is easily confused with Fiery Skimmer. They are about the same size and same colours. They fly and perch about the same style. Only the shape of the abdomen tells the different. Fiery Skimmer has the spindle shape abdomen while Red Arrow has the straight long triangle like an arrow head. There is the orange smoky triangular suffusion at the hindwing base. 
DSC_2758.jpg (75509 bytes)  DSC_2757.jpg (86430 bytes)
We found this dragonfly the first time in the Lagoon in Karawatha Forest Feb 2008. We may saw them before but we may confused with other red dragonflies.  
DSC_2791.jpg (100477 bytes)  DSC_2540.jpg (99344 bytes)
DSC_2905.jpg (82666 bytes)  DSC_2900.jpg (99970 bytes)  
Female is orange in colour, but we did not found one yet.   

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Last updated: March 01, 2008.