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Damselfly Wings

The forewing and hindwing of Australian Flatwing Damselfly
The Australian Flatwing Damselfly has two pair of wings which are about equal in size and shape. They are clean in colour. The construction is typical example of dragonfly's and damselfly's wings. There are only five main vein stems. A nodus is formed where the second main vein meets the leading edge of the wing. The black pterostigma is carried near the wing tip.
The main veins and the crossveins form the wing venation pattern. The venation patterns are different in different species. There may be very numerous crossveins or rather few. The Australian Flatwing Damselfly's wings are one of the few veins patterns. The venation pattern is useful for species identification. 

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1. The Australian Dragonflies - CSIRO, Watson, Theisinger & Abbey,1991, p58. 

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Last updated: May 24, 2007.