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Pale Hunter Dragonfly - Austrogomphus amphiclitus


This page contains pictures and information about Pale Hunter Dragonflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 50mm
The Pale Hunter dragonfly has the bright green eyes, yellow thorax and yellow abdomen. On its thorax there is the black patterns and large area of yellow colour on both sides. The abdomen is black in colour with thin yellow rings. On the 9th abdomen segment there is the thicker yellow ring. The anal appendages are pale yellow. Its wings are clear with yellowish-brown in colour.  
wpeF.jpg (23567 bytes)  wpe12.jpg (28679 bytes)
They are relatively common in Brisbane, can be seen on plants near streams.  We took those photos when they rested on the plants near the Bulimba Creek. They do not shy on camera. Most of them allow us come close within 0.5 meter. 
wpe26.jpg (22338 bytes)  PaleHu6.jpg (31939 bytes)
The female look similar to the male except her hind wings base is round instead of angulated. The second picture shows the couple mating in wheel position. They remain in this position for several minutes. We saw the female Pale Hunter lays eggs by quickly dip her abdomen tip onto the water surface, without the company of the male.
Pale Hunter male wings 
Pale Hunter female wings 

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Last updated: May 12, 2007.