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Australian Duskhawker - Austrogynacantha heterogena


This page contains information and pictures about Australian Duskhawker Dragonflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Female, body length 60mm
Australian Duskhawker is crepuscular and vagrant. The larvae inhabit still water. 
The dragonfly is bright green in colour with dark brown patterns.  
DSC_0131.jpg (251527 bytes) DSC_0129.jpg (308182 bytes) DSC_0130.jpg (311645 bytes)
We found this dragonfly only once. It was in the Yugarapul Park on Jan 2011. The dragonfly was hiding among tall grasses, flied to a few meters away when we walked pass the field. The dragonfly was bright green in colour on flight and with a distinctive flying pattern. We then knew this is a dragonfly we never saw. We followed it and took those pictures. 

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Last updated: January 16, 2011.