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Redtail Damselfly - Ceriagrion aeruginosum


This page contains information and pictures about Redtail Damselflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Big Red Damselflies.
Male and female, body length 40mm, 
The Big Red Damselflies are beautiful. Male has the all orange-red abdomen and yellow-green thorax and head. Female is slightly larger, in pale green to pale red body colours with dark eyes.
Although they are bright in colour, they are not easily seen. They usually hiding among the grasses near the waters. We found the damselfly once along Moolabin Creek on 2002.  
wpeD.jpg (19448 bytes)  wpe11.jpg (27787 bytes) 
Few years later in October 2005, we found the second Big Red Damselfly in Yugarapul Park near Bulimba Creek. It was hiding in dense vegetations.
PC9_1504.jpg (167205 bytes) PC9_1508.jpg (95969 bytes)
On early winter Jun 2009, we found this mating pair in Carbrook wetlands. The damselflies flied slowly and did not care too much on our approaching.  
DSC_2213.jpg (253164 bytes) DSC_2217.jpg (256883 bytes) DSC_2222.jpg (254169 bytes)
On Mar 2011, we found this immature male in Carbrook wetland. Its abdomen was still in pale brown colour, not changed into bright red yet. 
Wings of Redtail Damselfly

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