Long-tailed Wasp
Blue-eyed Hatchet Wasp
Yellow-antenna Hatchet Wasp
White-dotted Hatchet Wasp
Round-headed Hatchet Wasp 
Gasteruptiid Wasp
Small Gasteruptiid Wasp 


Family Chalcididae  - Chalcid Wasps

Order Hymenoptera

This page contains pictures and information about the Chalcid Wasps in Family Chalcididae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
All wasps in family Chalcididae are parasitic. They are small to medium size wasps. Most attack larvae and pupae of moths, butterflies and flies. Some parasite other wasps or beetles. 
Chalcid Wasps are easily recognizable by their greatly swollen hind femora and bent hind tibiae. They are usually dark colours and non-metallic, some with yellow or red colour legs. They are usually strongly punctate. 

Subfamily Chalcidinae

Jezabel Parasitoid
wpe1E.jpg (17374 bytes) wpe17.jpg (30240 bytes) 
Brachymeria aurea, body length 10mm 
We found two Black Jezabel  Butterfly pupas in late summer. We brought them home and see if we were able to see the butterflies come out. Two weeks later, the pupas became darker in colour. We knew it was not a good sign. This might indicate that the pupas were parasite by wasp or fly. Then two days later, we saw a Chalcid Wasp came out from one of the pupas. More information and pictures please visit this page.
Yellow-legged Chalcid
wpe9.jpg (15603 bytes) wpe7.jpg (23801 bytes) DSC_3346.jpg (158730 bytes)
Brachymeria ovata, body length 5mm 
We found the moth pupa in a front yard during early summer. We brought it home and waited to see what kind of moth it would be. However we end up saw a small wasp came out from the Pupa. This wasp is shiny black in colour with yellow legs. Its wings are dark in colour. Its hind legs are enlarged. Its black antenna are short and elbowed. This wasp is known parasite on pupae from many species include butterfly, moth, wasp, and Tachinidae that parasitizing moth. More pictures information can be found un this page.

Subfamily Haltichellinae

Brown Chalcid Wasp
DSC_5431.jpg (232368 bytes) DSC_5434.jpg (305017 bytes) 
? Proconura sp. body length 10mm
Pictures were taken on May 2007 in our backyard in Eight Mile Plains. Please check this page for more information.
Red-legged Chalcid Wasp
PC9_1622.jpg (287368 bytes) PC9_1621a.jpg (335279 bytes)
? Proconura sp., female, body length 6mm
Above pictures were taken in Yimbin Park on July 2009. Please check this page for more information.

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