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Gasteruptiid Wasp - Gasteruption sp.

Family Gasteruptiidae

This page contains pictures and information about the Gasteruptiid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 25mm
We sometimes see something long and thin, hovering near tree log moving forward and backward very quick. It is so quick that we cannot recognize what they are. They are the Gasteruptiid Wasp checking if there are the bee or wasp nests that they can lay eggs on. 
DSC_5131.jpg (49642 bytes) DSC_5139.jpg (42880 bytes) DSC_6154.jpg (141501 bytes)
The wasp was resting upside-down on a dry grass, advertising its white tip. 
DSC_5930.jpg (135728 bytes) DSC_7368.jpg (129585 bytes)
This wasp has the extraordinarily long ovipositor with white tip. We saw it once in Karawatha Forest on May 2007. 
 DSC_6159.jpg (165034 bytes) DSC_7364.jpg (157565 bytes)
They are known to parasite on solitary bee and wasp nests which may be in decaying logs, mud cells or in soil. Larvae consume the host egg or larvae and then the pollen or prey stored.
DSC_5934.jpg (200212 bytes) DSC_5932.jpg (192788 bytes) DSC_5936.jpg (280505 bytes)
The wasps in this family are thin and long, They rest with fore wings fold longitudinally. They are usually black or black with brown in colours, tip of ovipositor is often white and as long as body.  

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