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Blue-eyed Hatchet Wasps - Evania appendigaster


This page contains pictures and information about the Blue-eyed Hatchet Wasps in Family Evaniidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Body length 15mm
The wasps have the flat and short abdomen which look like a hatchet. This "hatchet" moves up and down when the wasp walks. They are mostly black in colours. They are parasitic on cockroach oothecae. 
DSC_0038.jpg (123180 bytes) DSC_0041.jpg (140729 bytes)
We quite often find this wasp outside our house resting on the wall alone but do not know why they were there. They may be waiting for the cockroach. 
DSC_2791.jpg (163110 bytes) DSC_2793.jpg (101122 bytes) DSC_2793.jpg (134386 bytes)

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