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Long-tailed Wasp - Megalyra rufipes

Family Megalyridae

This page contains pictures and information about the Long-tailed Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
They are called Long-tailed Wasps because females have the very long ovipositor, some species have "tail" as long as eight times their body length. They usually have dark body and banded wings.  
Insects in family Megalyridae are parasitoid wasps. Megalyridae is a small family and those wasps are rare. It is believed that their larvae are parasitoids of wood-boring beetle larvae or pupae of the families Cerambycidae and Buprestidae. Some may parasitises mud-nesting Sphecid wasp larvae. 
Male, body length 15mm
In pictures the wasp was a male which was found in Anstead Forest on 30 Dec 2009. The wasp was searching for something on a fallen log. 
DSC_2386.jpg (152522 bytes) DSC_2384.jpg (200931 bytes) DSC_2372.jpg (211864 bytes)
Larvae in this family are external-parasitoids of wood-boring beetles. The female wasps come here searching for host tunnel and the new female may emerge. We believed the male wasp we found was looking for females there. 
DSC_2376.jpg (243383 bytes) DSC_2378.jpg (172965 bytes)
Notice the wasp's antenna is 14-segmented, which is the characteristic of the family Megalyridae wasps. Its head is round like a ball. The legs are reddish-brown in colour. 

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