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Mantid Oothecae Parasite Wasp - Podagrion or Pachytomoides sp.

Family TORYMIDAE, subfamily Monodontomerinae

Order Hymenoptera

We found one species in this family, which parasitised on mantid oothecae.

Body length 3mm
The first parasite wasp just come out from the mantid oothecae. Its head and thorax were metallic blue in colour, with abdomen from pale brown to dark brown in colour. Its hind legs upper part, or femur, were enlarged and dentate. 

wpe13.jpg (28016 bytes) wpeF.jpg (39246 bytes) 

We collected a oothecae of the Garden Mantid during mid summer, which was laid under a leaf near the forest ground. We brought it home and expected to see some young mantids come out. However, a few days later, we saw a small wasp came out instead. The oothecae was parasitised by wasp. We know that mantid oothecae are often heavily parasitised by wasp so we did not have too much surprised. 

We had seen the Large Brown Mantid oothecae parasitised by wasp. In that case, there came out only a few wasps and most of the young mantids still survive. This time, we saw the wasps come out one by one from the oothecae within two days. None of the young mantid survive.

Reference and Link:
1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, pp 962.

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