Long-tailed Wasp
Blue-eyed Hatchet Wasp
Yellow-antenna Hatchet Wasp
White-dotted Hatchet Wasp
Round-headed Hatchet Wasp 
Gasteruptiid Wasp
Small Gasteruptiid Wasp 


Family Eupelmidae - Bug Egg Parasitoid

Order Hymenoptera

Eupelmid wasps are small in size and usually dark in colour, often metallic. Their body is usually long and narrow, females have the short but exerted ovipositor. They are Parasitoid of different families of insects.

Bug Egg Parasitoid Wasp
DSC_2511.jpg (65458 bytes) DSC_2512.jpg (121802 bytes) 
Anastatus sp., body length 4mm
We saw this wasp wandering around those Cotton Plant Bug eggs a few times. We believed the wasp is parasitic to those eggs. This wasp's wing patterns makes it looked like a small black ants when it was examining the bug eggs. Please check this page for more information. 
Opal Eupelmid Wasp
DSC_5773.jpg (96417 bytes) DSC_5762.jpg (131504 bytes)
? Eupelmus sp., male, body length 12mm
Pictures were taken on June 2007 in Karawatha Forest. We thought this was a chalcidoid, Graham advised that this wasp is in family Eupelmidae. Please click on here for more information.

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