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Opal Eupelmid Wasp - ? Eupelmus sp.

Family Eupelmidae

This page contains pictures and information about Opal Eupelmid Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male, body length 12mm
This wasp is shining like an opal under sun light, so we call it Opal Eupelmid Wasp. 
DSC_5773.jpg (96417 bytes) DSC_5779.jpg (194259 bytes) DSC_5781.jpg (100267 bytes)
Pictures were taken on June 2007 in Karawatha Forest. We thought this was a chalcidoid, Graham advised that this wasp is in family Eupelmidae.
DSC_5762.jpg (131504 bytes) DSC_5769.jpg (200815 bytes) DSC_5767.jpg (120480 bytes)
Please check this page for general information about Eupelmid wasp

1. Eupelmidae - Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks.
2. Northern Territory Insects, A Comprehensive Guide CD - Graham Brown, 2009.

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